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14 Best Calgary Accent Chairs You’ll Love

14 Best Calgary Accent Chairs You’ll Love

Colour can have a transformative influence on the design of your home. The use of bright and bold shades can drastically make over a neutral or dark space.

If you’re decorating a room, and you’ve considered an accent wall, mood lighting, or the use of artwork to give the space a unique vibe, another way you can personalize your space is with an accent chair.

Accent Furniture

“Accent” is synonymous with emphasis in design. We use accent furniture and decor primarily for decorative value rather than functionality. Accent furniture can be an eye-catching conversation piece or adds intentional definition to an interior space.

Types of accent furniture include:

The purpose of accent furniture is to give your room character and personality while complementing the primary decor.

Homeowners often choose colourful or patterned accent furniture against a neutral palette. Others prefer an antique piece in a contemporary interior.

Accent chairs are one of the most popular choices for accent furniture and this is for several reasons:

  1. Creates a visual point of difference from the general decor;
  2. Multi-functional for sitting or displaying items;
  3. Range of pricing - budget-friendly to luxury;
  4. Easy to add or swap with other pieces;
  5. Can be enhanced with decorative throws or pillows.

When purchasing an accent chair, there are several characteristics to consider to choose the right seat for your space:

  1. Fabric
  2. Material
  3. Colour
  4. Style
  5. Size

The chart below shows an overview of the characteristics to consider when shopping for accent chairs.

Characteristic What to Consider
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Bright
  • Neutral
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Armchair
  • Wingback
  • Lounge
  • Chaise lounge
  • Barrel
  • Within four inches of the height of your sofa
  • Dimensions to room space
  • Right size for the room’s layout

Generally, you want to choose fabric and colours for your accent chair that is unique from your other decor. If your sofa is fabric or suede, a leather accent chair creates a stunning contrast. A burnt orange accent chair pops against neutral colours like tan, grey, or beige.

Below is a list of 14 types of trending accent chairs in Canada.

Leather Accent Chair

Leather Accent Chair

Thomas Recliner - McCeary

Add a sophisticated feel to your living space with a distinguished leather accent chair. A leather accent chair allows you to splurge on a single item that compliments your primary furniture.

Leather can be more durable than other fabric types, making it more resistant to everyday wear and tear. A leather armchair or recliner is a timeless piece of furniture that will last many years and complement future sofa sets.

Choose a light colour leather, like beige or tan, if your sofas are dark colours. Whereas dark brown leather compliments light neutral fabric. If your room is bright and colourful, a black leather accent chair creates a dramatic statement, or opt for bright white for a bold and crisp look.

White Accent Chair

White Accent Chair

Pfifer Chair - Rowe

A complete white sofa set is something some might be resistant to because of the high-traffic nature of a busy home. However, choosing a white accent chair in a bedroom, office, or lounge is the perfect way to incorporate your bright white vision into the interior of your home.

White accent chairs offer a clean and fresh appeal to your living space, especially if you have dark furniture, walls, or flooring. Adding white accents to a dark room can make the space more open and spacious.

Choose a white fabric accent chair with a wooden frame for a minimalist approach, or go for a beautiful white leather or suede armchair to fit an elegant space.

Blue Accent Chair

Blue Accent Chair

Stryker Chair - Younger + Co

Blue accent chairs are commonly used in coastal-inspired homes. The blue and white nautical theme is popular in seaside interior design.

Homes with a coastal theme, like the Northeastern Nantucket and Cape Cod style, or homes on the California coast often favour light, airy interiors with white walls and flooring. Blue accent furniture and decor are used to create splashes of seaside colour on a clean white canvas.

Blue accent chairs aren’t exclusive to  white interiors. A bright blue accent chair in a room of dark greys adds excitement to a moody atmosphere. Dark blue is also a beautiful colour for an accent chair to add personality to plain, neutral furniture.

Black Accent Chair

Black Accent Chair

Glove Chair and Ottoman - Furninova

Transform the dynamic of your living space with a statement black accent chair.  Black accent furniture and decor alters the atmosphere of a room with a moment of intentional drama.

A black accent chair creates a striking contrast if you have a white cream or beige sofa set. You could opt for a spacious globe chair or recliner creating an inviting spot for guests to sit.

Chose a leather black accent chair if your other furniture is fabric, or a suede or velvet-knit chair if your furniture is leather. Black accent chairs can make an open space feel cozier and go with every colour palette to compliment your furniture and decor.

Yellow Accent Chairs

Yellow accent chair

The Slim Chair - Younger + Co

While yellow may not be your first thought for furniture, a yellow accent chair can provide a warm and sunny feel to your living room. 

Mustard yellow is a popular choice for accent furniture to go with dark grey or black sofas. Vibrant lemon yellow is the perfect contrast against dark walls in smaller spaces.

Accent chairs aren’t restricted to the living room; yellow accent chairs complement kitchens with polished brass hardware or to brighten up dark cabinetry.

Green Accent Chair

Green Accent Chair

Baldwin Swivel Chair - Rowe

A simple green accent can provide a room with a calm and refreshing feel. Green is commonly associated with peace and relaxation which can also be achieved by incorporating this colour in your interior design.

Choosing a green accent chair can give your living space an earthy feel. Those who enjoy spending time in nature, favour the use of green accent furniture as it brings the feeling of the outdoors inside. 

Darker shades of green, like forest, moss, and olive, complement neutral beige and tan. If you want to brighten up a space, choose a lighter mint or yellow-green colour.

Small Accent Chair

Small Accent Chair

Rain Chair - Stylus Sofas

A small accent chair can also have a powerful impact on a room. Choosing a chair that’s a bright, bold colour, or one with a unique shape, delivers a brand-new character to your interior design.

One of the best things about small accent chairs is they are versatile in function and style and can easily be moved between rooms or used for different purposes.

Small accent chairs are an excellent way to utilize colour when working with tighter spaces. A small stool with coloured upholstery is a great option for a small, dark room. When selecting a small accent chair, consider one without arms and a shorter back to take up less space visually.

Grey Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs Grey

Kaya Chair - Stylus Sofas

When choosing an accent chair, you can stick to a neutral palette.

Accent chairs in grey are ideal for spaces that have a cooler vibe and don’t have a place for too much colour. This aesthetic usually can be found in offices and studies that feature grey, black, white, and wood tones.

A grey accent chair is a beautiful addition to a dark interior with little natural lighting. When your  objective is to add simple decor to make the space feel more open, light grey colours like stone and smoke are a great way to achieve it. Choose a deeper shade of grey, like a slate of pewter, if you wish to accentuate the dark mood.

Swivel Accent Chair

Swivel Accent Chair

Nash Chair -  Rowe

When you’re tight on space, or if you’re a person who likes to maximize the functionality in your living areas, a swivel accent chair is a perfect choice. Swivel chairs rotate 360 degrees, in both directions, on a central rotating leg.

Swivel accent chairs are aesthetically pleasing and great for social interaction. They are usually designed to be quite comfortable, making them the perfect spot for friends and family to sit and converse with others in the room.

Choose a bright, bold colour to contrast a neutral, light, or dark colour palette, or select a warm and inviting shade like gold or olive to entice guests to sit back, relax and enjoy good company.

Modern Accent Chairs

Modern Accent Chairs

Clover - Younger + Co

Modern accent chairs are a beautiful addition to any living or bedroom. Regardless of the theme of your primary decor, modern accent furniture always looks in the right place.

Modern accent furniture features sleek, straight lines and smooth surfaces; there aren’t extra details like frills or decorative trim. Contemporary styles are ideal for accent chairs, as they allow attention to the colour or fabric that contrasts the primary furniture.

Simple wingback or barrel styles are ideal for modern accent chairs.

Velvet Accent Chair

Velvet accent chair

Victor Occasional Chair - Nuevo

Transform your living space into one with elegant and worldly character. Velvet accent chairs give a vintage appeal to a modern living space. 

Velvet chairs are both comfortable and stylish, this lux and inviting material encourages people to sink in and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

The material is more durable than other fabric types and with no o raised weave or loose threads, velvet is snag-resistant. Investing in a believer accent chair is good because the quality ensures that it will last years. Choose a versatile shade so it will fit with a variety of sofa sets if you decide to change your furniture pieces and design look down the road.

Pink Accent Chair

Pink accent chair

Charlize - Nuevo

Pink accent chairs are perfect for a feminine yet chic touch in a living room or bedroom. You can consider the right magenta to make a bold statement or shades of powder pink for a  soft yet whimsical touch.

When choosing a pink accent chair, consider the following:

Pink accents go beautifully with black, white, and neutral tones. They can also create a bold contrast against other vibrant colours like green or blue.

Remember, pink isn’t everyone’s colour of choice; if you plan to use a pink accent chair in a common space in your home, you might want to check with others first!

Bedroom Accent Chair

Bedroom accent chair

Jenna Chair & Half - McCreary

It may not seem like it, but bedroom furniture is actually used almost as often as living room furniture. Adding a bedroom accent chair to your room may be more useful than you realize, as you can use it for getting ready in the morning, displaying items like pillows or throws, or simply as a cozy spot to sit and read.

Choose a bedroom accent chair with lots of space, such as a club chair. They’re perfect for lounging and curling up with a book and also great for laying out outfits.

As a more personal room in your home, the bedroom allows flexibility in the colour and pattern you choose for your accent chair. The bedroom is ideal for a bright violet or a patterned suede accent chair to express your personality.

Wood Accent Chair

Wood accent chair

N2 lounge chair - Ethnicraft 

Most of us think of colourful fabric or perhaps leather upholstery when we imagine an accent chair in our living space. However, a plain wood accent chair can deliver tremendous character and warmth to a contemporary interior.

Solid wood like oak or maple makes a beautiful decorative accent and a functional place to sit. Wood accent chairs bring a natural and organic feeling to a modern room.

What is great about solid wood accent chairs is that they are versatile and suit a range of colour palettes. You can add decor such as throws or pillows to a wood accent chair to match the colours of your primary furniture.


Accent chairs are a stylish way to add dimension and character to your living spaces. They can be purely decorative or multifunctional to suit your family’s lifestyle.

When shopping for the perfect accent chair in Calgary, visit the Home Evolution showroom. We have beautiful accent chairs in various colours, fabrics, and styles to choose from.

Visit us in-store, or shop online for accent chairs on sale and deals on contemporary furniture to suit your home.


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