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Entryway Furniture for your Calgary Home

Entryway Furniture for your Calgary Home

As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression” and this applies to your home as much as anything else. The entryway to your Calgary home is the first thing your guests will see, however it is often overlooked as an important part of your home’s interior.

As any other room in your house, the entryway should reflect your personal preference and style, and at the same time, be welcoming—not only to your guests but to you, every time you walk through the door. No matter the size of your entryway, you can create an entryway that’s functional and beautiful and complements the style and colours of the surrounding rooms.

Keep reading for a few of our favourite ways of decorating your entryway—from entryway furniture ideas to wall decorations—to turn any entry space, big or small, into a welcoming space that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

1. Find a Spot for a Small Chair or Entrance Bench

It’s best to start with entryway furniture first as these will inform the other pieces you bring in. Wall decor and floor accessories can be added last to fill in any empty spaces.

Note: If your home is built in such a way that it does not include an obvious area for an entry, establish one with a piece of furniture, adding a single side chair and you’ve got an instant entryway with a place to sit.

Entrance benches and chairs are practical and functional, and with many styles, from simple and minimal to intricate and elegant, you’re sure to find the piece that matches your style. Entrance furniture should blend seamlessly into adjoining rooms. Think of incorporating touches of the wall colour in the next room as part of your colour pallette to make for an especially pulled-together look.

A small, sleek entrance bench, like the Turbo bench, pressed up against the wall and out of the way of the natural traffic flow will carve out a spot for your guests to take off their shoes or create the perfect spot to leave a bag or purse. Shoes can be tucked away neatly under the entry hall bench to keep the walkway clear.

Foyer Furniture Calgary

The Turbo hallway bench is available in a variety of leathers and colours and is an ideal bench to use your entryway space to its full advantage.

Similarly, a chair like the Regina Chair with its tight seat and back cushions, fixed to a wooden  frame can fit neatly into a corner.

Entrance Chair Calgary

Home Evolution’s Regina chair is perfect for a larger entryway, and available in three different colours. Add pillows and throws to set a cozy tone.

2. Consider Your Entryway Storage Needs

Your house’s entrance is your first chance at making a statement with decor but it’s also the place for shoes, coats, knapsacks and bags. Keep this is mind as your entryway would benefit from storage space for jackets, shoes, umbrellas, purses etc.

If your space is on the smaller size, double-up and search for a front entrance bench that also provides storage. Entryway storage benches are an all-in-one solution that provides storage, seating, a shoe rack and more.

When it comes to entryway storage ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look at different furniture items that also offer storage solutions.

Entrance Console Calgary

A console table can be used as a convenient entryway storage solution as well as a place to show off accent pieces.

A single night stand can also work in a similar way as an entryway table, especially for storing keys, wallets and loose change.

Entry Storage

The Mondrian Night Stand in khaki lacquer can act as a small entryway piece and wouldn’t look out of place in a Calgary home, helping to keep the space clutter-free.

Ultimately, just because an item of furniture is labelled as a side table or a night stand, it doesn’t mean it can’t find its place as a stylish entrance way table.

3. Make a Bold Statement with a Buffet

If you have a large entryway, consider adding a bold, statement piece of furniture, such as a buffet. As mentioned, it’s perfectly acceptable to place furniture items traditionally found in other rooms in an entryway, especially if it works within the available space. The key to a beautiful and organized entryway is to look at exactly what you need to store in relation to the space you have available. A buffet can turn your entryway into an inviting, efficient transition space.

Calgary Entryway Buffet

The Condo Buffet, with three drawers and glass top would make a sophisticated—and functional—addition to any large entryway, offering multiple storage options.

4. Wall Decor

Once the furniture is in place, you’ll be able to see where you can place art and other wall decor.

Entryway Mirror

Be sure to keep decorative objects in your entryway to a minimum. A unique display of things that are important to you can quickly become cluttered if you go overboard here.

5. Consider the Lighting Needs of the Space

Make sure your entryway is well lit. Warm lighting will welcome guests from the cold on a winter evening. A large light fixture or lamp can make the space feel bigger. Consider a bold pendant or modern chandelier to make a memorable first impression, or go for a sleek table lamp to brighten the space.

6. Define the Space with an Area Rug or Runner

Finally, see if the entryway could use a floor rug. It’s a good trick for helping to define the entryway as a separate space when it’s really a foyer or the wall of another room. This rug will get a lot of wear and is susceptible to dirty shoes, so make sure any rug you choose is designed for indoor/outdoor, can hide dirt and debris, and is easy to clean!

No matter the size of your entryway, with the right combination of furniture, storage, and decorative items, you can easily turn an often-forgotten space into a functional and valuable extension of the rest of the home. Visit our designers at Home Evolution for advice and tips on which items will work best in your entryway.

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