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8 Contemporary Entryway Furniture Essentials

8 Contemporary Entryway Furniture Essentials

Where did I leave my keys?

You wonder as you frantically rummage in your handbag and realize they’re not there. You sprint back into your Calgary home trying to remember where you left them the day before.

Did you leave them on the kitchen counter? Or drop them on your bedside table?

If this scene is all too familiar, you’re not alone. People spend on average 10 minutes per day looking for essential items like their keys and phone.

Entryways are often underrated because we only spend a few minutes in this area of the house. But the truth is, entryways are an essential hub and resting spot for your keys, wallet, and phone, and to take a last look at yourself before heading out.

Today, we’ll show you how to create an entryway space that is both functional and beautiful – with a contemporary feel.

But first, let’s take a look at the different types of entryways and how they serve different purposes.

Entryway Styles – Foyers, Mudrooms, and Hallways

Entryway Furniture

Featured: Like a Feather Chest


Foyers are large, open spaces that connect the entrance to the rest of the house.

This kind of entryway feels like a separate room from the rest of the house. It’s the place where you can welcome guests and visitors, hang up coats, and direct traffic flow in your house.

In bigger houses, foyers may feature a staircase to the second floor of the house, and doorways that lead into other rooms like the kitchen or the living room.

Foyers provide a lot of space to experiment with furniture, colours, and accessories. It’s also the perfect place to make a great first impression of your home!


A ‘mudroom’ is an American term with a traditional history as they were typically found in farm or country houses, and used as a side or back entrance separate from the grand front entrance.

However, some houses have a mudroom as the main entrance, garage entrance, or even a mudroom before a foyer (talk about fancy!).

As you would expect, mudrooms have tiled floors that are easy to clean and are protected against mud and water.

Mudrooms are the perfect place to store seasonal clothes, to take off wet or dirty shoes and boots and also to store coats, umbrellas, boots and sports equipment. For families, mudrooms are also the perfect place to keep backpacks and other school supplies.

Mudroom Furniture



Many modern homes have a simple hallway that leads to the rest of the house, and furnishing them appropriately can create smooth transitions from one room to another.

If your home or apartment doesn’t have a defined hallway, you can still use small entryway furnishings – such as rugs, mirrors, and lamps –  to mark off an area as your entry space. You can play with colours and textures to create a buffer zone for when you come in and out.

Calgary Furniture for the Hallway

Now that we’ve covered the different kinds of entryways, let’s take a look at the eight most important pieces of entryway furniture to bring both beauty and functionality to your Calgary home. Prepare to be inspired!

1. The Entryway Table

Entryway Table in Calgary

Perhaps the number one piece of entryway furniture you should be thinking about is your console table. This is the central piece of your entryway and will keep you organized – so you don’t forget your keys again. We really love console tables with storage drawers for that extra level of functionality.

The good news is that entryway tables come in all shapes and sizes. If your entryway is quite narrow or you don’t have much room, consider getting a smaller console table with a place for bins and baskets underneath.

You can style your entryway table with:

A catch-it-all bowl is an essential entryway item. You can leave your keys, sunglasses, and anything else you need. Tip: Try to keep your table organized and clutter-free, especially if you have a small entryway. 

Flowers and plants are also a wonderful way to decorate your entryway, and can also help brighten your mood on a gloomy day. Placing some greenery or flowers on your entryway furniture will lift your spirit – and guests will love to be greeted by some colourful blooms!

Tip: Buy an entryway table with drawers for all your necessities and those items you don’t always need, but are useful  – think gloves, sunglasses, extra wallets, and shopping bags.

At Home Evolution, we have beautiful entryway benches and tables that will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Entryway Console Design Description
Vienna Console With a brown base finish and a black top, this entryway console is minimalistic and versatile. Its sleek dimensions make it perfect for narrow spaces.
Urbana Console This is an elegant yet sturdy console, perfect for larger foyers requiring plenty of storage. Available in multiple finishes.
Sara Console Silver leaf finish with a gold shimmer and antique gold nail heads, This minimalistic design is ideal for medium spaces.

2. Entryway Lighting

Now, let’s think about entryway lights. Quality lighting will help create a warm, welcoming feel for guests and enhance the style and ambience of your entryway.

Lighting provides a warm first impression of your home to guests. If you want to make the most of your Calgary entryway furniture, don’t miss the opportunity to impress and set a welcoming mood with a pendant lamp or a chandelier to showcase your style.

The great thing about lighting is that you can always find something that fits your space – if a pendant light feels like too much in a small entryway space, consider using a sconce or even a floor lamp.

Entrance Lighting

Beyond the high functionality of a ceiling light fixture, you can also use lamps to decorate your entryway. Consider adding the type of lamp that suits your style best.

Table lamps are a good choice because you can decorate your console table and create a different ambiance than the main light. Make sure that the lamps that you choose are tall enough to cast light beyond the surface of the table.

Here are a few great lamp options to light up your entryway:

Entryway Lamp Description
Rocio Table Lamp Matte gold, a beautiful lamp that brings a pop of colour to your entryway.
Emmett Table Lamp Brushed white with brushed antique brass, with a sleek design. It’s the perfect way to add a little texture.
Phare Table Lamp Matte black steel shade provides an elegant touch to your entryway without being the centre of attention.

3. Hallway Bench

When finding the best entryway furniture for your home, consider adding a feature for sitting down and putting your shoes on (or taking them off). Keep in mind the space that you have, you don’t want to have a huge piece of furniture that you’ll bump into every time you open the door.

Here are some ideas for your seating:

  1. Chairs
  2. Bench
  3. Ottomans
  4. Stools

Hallway benches offer aesthetic and functional benefits to your entryway. In terms of style, you have an unlimited choice – from industrial to modern, to more child-friendly wooden benches to artistic, or even antique, feature chairs that add a touch of sophistication to your entryway space.

Calgary Entry Bench

Hallway benches or chairs are great for:

Here are some options for entryway chairs, choose the style that suits the size and design of your space:

Entryway Chairs Description
Kitt Chair Perfect for larger spaces with many fabric colour and types available.
Muse Chair A beautiful accent piece for your foyer available in different shades and materials
Patrick Chair Achieve comfort and style with this sleek entryway chair.

We love these entryway benches:

Entryway Benches Description
Sponge Bench A simple, soft bench that everyone will love, perfect for a larger entryway space.
Amalfi 60” Bench Comfortable cushioned seat with a sleek design and space underneath for storage.
Tubo 60” Bench A modern design featuring leather and an open space underneath for storage.

What about an Ottoman? Check out these options:

Entryway Ottomans Description
Marshmallow 17” Ottoman Perfect to tuck under the entryway bench, ideal for small spaces.
Tuffy Sofa Ottoman An indulgent cushioned Ottoman in a blushing pink colour, perfect for larger spaces.
André Ottoman A wide Ottoman with a vibrant orange pattern, a gorgeous feature piece.

If you’d rather keep it simple with an entryway stool, we’ve got plenty of fashionable pieces:

Entryway Stools Description
Frankie Accent Stool Matte black with a beautiful geometric pattern, suitable for smaller spaces.
Giselle Pouf Sheepskin for texture and comfort, great for small to medium spaces.

If you have a small space, stools are a game-changer because you can tuck them under the entryway console when you’re not using them. Stools offer all the benefits of other kinds of seating and are highly functional for small entryways.

If you have the extra space, you might consider getting a larger chair, entryway bench, or even an ottoman. If you decide to go for a bench or an ottoman, make sure to get one that serves as storage as well.

4. Entryway Credenza

So, what is a credenza?

Originating in 14th Century Europe, a credenza is an elegant, statement piece also referred to as a sideboard, and designed with small or no legs at all.

If you have enough space, this piece can help you set a functional intention for your entryway without overwhelming the area.

The beautiful thing about a credenza is that it's versatile and provides ample space for storage – both inside with different drawer and cupboard sizes.

You can use a credenza for:

Entryway Credenza

Check out our Urban Elevation Credenza. It’s a stunning yet subtle storage option, with light wood and seamless drawers.

5. Hallway Storage

Hallway Storage

No matter how big or small your space is, you’ll need a few basic pieces of entryway furniture to stay organized.

All of these items need to have their own ‘home’ in your entryway:

You can start with a few hooks on the wall and a coat rack. These are great to organize your coats, purses, hats, and anything else you might want to hang as soon as you walk in the door.

Another way to bring extra storage and organization is by using bins and baskets. You can use them to drop your umbrella, scarfs, or anything that you don’t necessarily need all the time.

If you have a spacious foyer, consider getting an entryway bookshelf to decorate. Use coffee-table books to give a stylish touch to your entryway, or add a plant and one or two objects that stand out because of their colour, texture, or size.

Chests and cabinets can also work as console tables and give you a stylish storage area. So if you haven’t decided on a console table for your entryway, a chest or a cabinet might be the way to go.

Here are a few chests and cabinets that we know you’ll love:

Entryway Chest Description
Like A Feather Chest Black lacquer with gold hardware featuring two drawers behind the doors. It’s a beautiful design but is also highly functional.
Delano Chest Rustic Aged Walnut with a raw metal finish, a beautiful design, spacious, functional.
Brennon Accent Chest Dark wood with textured silver,, one adjustable shelf behind each door, the perfect statement piece.

6. Entryway Bookshelf

Love to read? You can use your collection of books to decorate your entryway.

Whether you’re a fan of literature, or just enjoy the rustic, studious look of a bookcase full of volumes, novels, and albums, a bookshelf is a wonderful addition to a large entryway or foyer.

Your guests will catch a glimpse of your favourite books and, voila, conversations are in full swing before they’ve seen the rest of the house.

The great thing about bookshelves is that they’re versatile. As well as showing off your collection of Margaret Atwood novels, you can also use bookshelves in your entryway for:

  1. Trinkets and travel souvenirs
  2. Family photographs
  3. Small artwork and sculptures
  4. Cacti and succulents

At Home Evolution, we have a couple of versatile bookshelf options that you can use in your entryway:

Entryway Bookshelf Description
Zoro Console Table This gorgeous, sleek, wooden shelf is a modern take on the traditional bookshelf. The possibilities are endless.
Large Bobbi Ottoman Although it’s not your typical ‘bookshelf’, this plush leather Ottoman provides ample storage where you can keep magazines and coffee-table reads.

7. Hallway Mirrors

Let’s be honest, we all like to check ourselves out before we head out – whether it’s to work, school, or even getting groceries.

In fact, we look at ourselves in the mirror at least 8 times per day.

This is where your entryway can be so valuable. With the right design and the perfect touches, you’ll always walk out the door feeling confident and prepared.

Finding the right mirror can be tricky, there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. A circular mirror is great for checking hair and makeup, while a full-length mirror is great for double-checking your outfit choice.

Mirrors are also a fantastic trick to make your entryway look more spacious and light, it’s all about placing it in the right spot to catch some sunlight and turn a dimly lit hallway into a grand entrance.

Here are some mirrors that we absolutely love:

Entryway Mirror Description
Hera Mirror Brass, 35 x 43, a beautiful rectangular design, perfect to pair with taller console tables.
Jonsi Mirror Cola, 41.5 DIAM, this spectacular mirror is the perfect pair to a lower console table.
Whitman Leaner Mirror Silver, 40"W X 80"H, this full-body mirror is perfect for anyone who likes taking a good look at their outfit before heading out.

Entrance mirrors

8. Hallway & Entryway Decor

Feeling artsy?

Your choice of art and decor is like putting your personality on the walls. Guests will immediately get a glimpse of your style, tastes, and interests.

These are our favourite ways to decorate an entryway:

One of the easiest ways to bring a different texture to your space is to use a rug. Using a rug will also help create the sense of a separate area if your entryway isn’t clearly defined. When choosing a rug, try to choose a material that won’t be easily damaged and that can be easily cleaned.

Many believe that we need art in our homes – it makes them human and tells a story.

Use framed art and pictures to bring out your personality and add a splash of colour to your entryway. Small collection pieces are also a great idea or even sentimental objects that can be displayed as decor.

Here are some pieces that will bring a different touch to your entryway:

Entryway Artwork Description
Ingenue II 24 x 36, minimalist drawing, perfect to add framed art without disturbing the rest of the design.
Ink and Water Photograph No. 9 40 x 32, a splash of colour, this piece is the star of the show, a great match to create contrast in monochrome spaces.
Shoreditch Stripe 51"W x 29"H, a black and white piece, perfect to keep the monochromatic scheme.

Conclusion: Stunning Entryway Furniture Is The First & Last Impression Of Your Home

By creating a beautiful, functional space that welcomes you home as soon as you cross the threshold, you’ll feel an immense sense of pride – especially when entertaining guests.

With only a few pieces of well-placed furniture, you can organize your belongings, create a warm welcome, and feel prepared every time you leave the house.

No more wondering where you left your keys, wallet, or sunglasses. You’ve made sure that there’s a place for everything that you could possibly need.

Are you ready to create a beautiful entryway that keeps you organized and welcomes you home? Get in touch with our team at Home Evolution! We’ll help you pick the best furniture for your entryway to create a functional, contemporary look.


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