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8 Benefits of Leather Furniture + Top Picks Available in Calgary

8 Benefits of Leather Furniture + Top Picks Available in Calgary

Leather furniture has long been esteemed for its durability, versatility, and timeless elegance, making it a go-to choice for discerning homeowners and interior designers alike. 

But there's more to leather furniture than meets the eye.

A leather couch or leather dining room chair can be more than just aesthetically pleasing. The benefits of purchasing this type of furniture extend far past looks, delving into aspects such as:

This guide explores the advantages of owning leather furniture and shares our favourite leather chairs, couches, and sofas available at Home Evolution in Calgary, ensuring you can elevate your living space with quality craftsmanship and enduring style.

8 Benefits of Leather Furniture

For several reasons, someone might choose a leather sofa over a fabric one. Here are the top eight advantages of owning leather furniture.


Leather furniture has been a popular choice for decades due to its long-lasting, durable nature. Leather's durability far outweighs that of fabric.

The material is much more resistant to:

Forget about permanent stains. Leather furniture doesn't absorb liquids as easily and is much simpler to clean than its fabric counterparts. Moreover, if you're looking for an item that practically lasts forever, leather furniture hits the nail on the head!

Even with daily use, your leather sofa can resist the regular wear and tear common with furniture, making it perfect for cloddish adults, families with children, or your beloved furry companions.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your leather furniture or sofa is of the utmost importance. That's why this type of furniture is well-favoured among homeowners globally. Ease of maintenance not only makes your life simpler but also helps keep things around your living space cleaner and more hygienic.

Let's look at the key maintenance nuances between fabric and leather upholstery.

Maintenance Aspect Leather Fabric
Ease of Cleaning
  • Wipe spills with a damp cloth
  • Use mild cleaner for tougher stains
  • Requires frequent vacuuming and cleaning
  • Professional cleaning is often necessary
Resistance to Dust and Dirt
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Allergens easily wiped away
  • Traps allergens in fabric fibres
  • Potential for allergens to accumulate, leading to allergic reactions
  • Durable, withstands heavy use
  • Less likely to tear or fray
  • Susceptible to damage and fading over time
  • Fabric may wear down, tear, or fray with frequent use
Maintenance Requirements
  • Minimal upkeep required
  • Occasional conditioning to preserve suppleness
  • May require special treatments for stain resistance or protection against fading
  • Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are essential for maintaining the appearance
  • Resilient to wear and tear
  • Holds up well over time
  • May lose shape and colour faster due to regular use
  • May need replacing sooner due to wear and tear
Suitability for Allergies
  • Allergens can be easily wiped away
  • Less likely to harbour allergens
  • Allergens can become trapped in fabric fibres, potentially causing allergic reactions
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to minimize allergen buildup
  • Resistant to scratching and claw marks
  • Easy to clean pet hair and dander
  • Fabric may be prone to snags and damage from pet claws
  • Pet hair and dander may adhere to fabric, requiring frequent cleaning
Aesthetic Appeal
  • Classic and timeless appearance
  • A wide variety of colours, patterns, and textures are available, providing versatility in design options

Leather sofas are easy to maintain, making them an excellent investment for any household. They are durable, resistant to stains and allergens, and easy to clean, making them a convenient and practical choice for busy families.


Have you ever heard the saying, "Comfort is king?" That is one of the primary reasons leather furniture is all the rage. The natural suppleness of the material moulds and shapes to your body as you continuously sit on it.

Another aspect that adds to the overall comfort of leather furniture is its distinctive texture, which is not only appealing but also aesthetic. It can even regulate temperature well, making it an ideal option no matter the weather.

Something to consider is that not all leather furniture is manufactured the same way in terms of comfortability.

There are a few factors that affect how cozy a leather couch is, including:

  1. Overall design
  2. Cushioning
  3. Quality and type of leather

If you want the most comfortable leather furniture possible, we recommend going for something high-quality. It'll last forever, and you'll be able to get great resale value on it when you decide to sell if you ever do.


The association of style and opulence has always been connected to leather furniture. With varied grains and natural textures, your leather sofa gives off an idiosyncratic elegance synonymous with the material.

With a diverse array of colours, finishes, and styles available, finding a leather sofa that aligns with your personal preferences and complements your existing decor is effortless. Moreover, leather sofas offer versatility, easily transitioning from casual to formal settings depending on the occasion.

Better Resale Value

Besides style, leather recliners, chairs, and sofas provide a luxurious, long-lasting seating option and an exceptional return on investment. Contrary to fabric goods, leather items, namely a brown leather chair or a black leather one, commonly keep their price tag, making them the first choice of homeowners seeking quality.

If you are the homeowner trying to sell your home, adding a leather couch or armchair can become a selling point by raising the house's valuation. Moreover, leather furniture is equipped with a traditional class and elegance superior to current trends, guaranteeing that it is a wise long-term investment year by year.

Leather couches and chairs offer a timeless look and easy care, which increases their chances of retaining their value in the long term. Frequently wiping and maintaining the state of your leather furniture, such as an ottoman and couch, can help preserve its original look regardless of past years.

Allergy Friendly

Do you struggle with allergies? Leather furniture is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people plagued with sensitivities or allergies to fabric. Cloth sofas trap residue, dust, pet hair, and other soot that may affect hypersensitive people.

Because leather furniture is easy to maintain, those pesky particles won't bother you anymore. Furthermore, a leather couch is much healthier for your home as it's less susceptible to bacteria and other germs clinging to its surface.

Easy to Match Your Home Decor

Do you have various accessories and furniture pieces in your living room? Leather furniture is the perfect addition, whether you want to create a balanced look or add a touch of pizzazz. With its ageless appeal and classic appearance, leather can integrate into a range of interior settings, including:

  1. Traditional
  2. Modern
  3. Contemporary

If you have other leather chairs or throw pillows, mixing and matching these with your new piece can bring more elegance to your space. You can create a coordinated, distinctive look that is bound to make your guests say, "WOW!"

Resistance to Heat

Fabric is susceptible to catching on fire, which is why leather couches have been praised for their heat resistance properties over the years. Leather furniture allows you to relax in comfort for hours without feeling like you're getting too hot.

What's more, a leather couch won't melt if you have it too close to your fireplace at home. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of your sofa without it melting or catching on fire.

Now, it's time to check out the top leather furniture pieces that can turn your home into a work of art.

Brown Leather Chair

Brown Leather Chair

Halston Chair - Four Hands

Looking for something classy yet timeless? Drawing inspiration from vintage treasures found in flea markets, this seventies-era style chair exudes retro charm with a modern twist. Its dramatically tufted sling seat, crafted from top-grain leather, offers the perfect angle for ultimate comfort, complemented by wide brown ash framing.

Sourced from one of Italy's oldest family-owned tanneries in Bassano del Grappa, the heirloom leather is meticulously salvaged and processed from upcycled hides, each bearing unique natural markings, scars, and colour variations. The result? Exquisitely supple, buttery soft hides boasting a depth of colour and unmatched richness, giving your space an authentic, lived-in aesthetic.

Oversized Leather Chair

Brown Leather Chair

Maria Chair - Hooker Furniture

Want something large and in charge? A brown leather couch chair exudes sophistication and comfort with its sleek design and premium materials. Crafted with precision, it features wood block feet and flange welt trim, accentuated by wide track arms for a contemporary touch. 

Wrapped in luxurious Zen Caramel leather with a dark wood finish adds a sense of:

Designed for lasting comfort, this chair boasts a stationary frame construction of kiln-dried, laminated wood for stability. Its seat is cushioned with a high-resilient foam core wrapped in polyester fibres, ensuring plush comfort and support.

Leather Recliner Chair

Brandon Leather Recliner Chair

Brandon Leather Recliner - Sunpan

Now we introduce this stylish, relaxing, modern leather recliner chair, which makes an excellent showpiece for guests to relax and kick back anytime. It is designed to meet all your comfort requirements and has a soft leather seat with a reclining handle for easy tuning. 

Sophistication is an extra of this recliner, made of a solid oak wood frame fixed by dark brown paint between the gaps, providing:

  1. Contemporary features
  2. Structural support
  3. Opulent excellence

Feel free to be a little rough with this recliner, as it is manufactured with genuine high-quality leather. While leather accentuates this design's natural beauty, imperfections such as scuff marks, wrinkles, discolorations, and scratches can add to the charm and individuality of the product.

Leather Accent Chair

Leather accent chair

June Chair - Trica

Meet this leather accent chair, a versatile seating option designed for your comfort and style. You can choose between metal, solid birch, or solid oak legs to match your preferences. Crafted with care, this chair features a sturdy metal frame and options for solid red oak or birch legs with various finishes. The oak legs are brushed to bring out the natural grain, while metal legs come in different powder-coated finishes like brushed steel. Enjoy a comfortable seat with high-resilience foam, and if you like, add a quilted back for extra style.

Leather Dining Chair

Leather dining chair

Bok dining chair - Ethnicraft

Throughout the years, leather dining chairs have risen to prominence as an iconic piece in our homes. It seamlessly fuses sculptural sophistication with contemporary craftsmanship, resulting in a chair that boasts both elegance and airiness. This rendition of the chair comes with a cushion, elevating its comfort level while maintaining its sleek and refined appearance.

Leather Sectional Sofa

Leather sectional sofa

Barclay Leather Power Sectional Sofa - Kuka

Want something that'll fit perfectly into your large living area? Check out this sectional sofa, embodying modern sophistication and functionality. This remarkable sectional sofa is designed to elevate your living room experience with its exceptional motorized reclining feature. The recliner sectional boasts an innovative motorized footrest that operates seamlessly without requiring any wall clearance, offering a perfect solution for any home layout.

Leather Ottoman

Leather ottoman

Francis Dusk Ottoman - Furninova

Crafted to complement the corner sofa, this leather ottoman's rounded shape and refined form exude a sense of balance and grace.

Constructed with a solid wood frame, this ottoman is upholstered in luxurious leather, adding a touch of indulgence to your space. Resting on slender metal legs, it showcases a contemporary and lightweight aesthetic. The combination of cold foam and fibre padding creates a soft and plush top, ensuring optimal comfort and a cozy ambiance in your living space.

Tan Leather Couch

Tan leather couch

Sophy Couch - Natuzzi

Want something special with a unique style? Look no further than a tan leather couch. Its elegant, modern design perfectly amalgamates comfortability and precision into one awesome piece of leather furniture. The distinctive design immediately makes you want to hop onto it and get comfortable. If you're feeling fancy and want to add some flair, why not include the optional recliner system, which allows you to choose your favourite positions by adjusting it via the footrest and headrest? It's time to get comfortable like never before.

Leather Bed

Leather bed

Edgar Leather Bed Frame - Huppe

Want to experience the epitome of relaxation and comfort? Try out a leather bed, and you'll fall in love immediately. This bed frame comes in different sizes and has matching nightstands, chests, and a desk available, so no matter your preferences the Edgar will make you a very happy sleeper!

Leather Furniture - Final Thoughts

Leather furniture offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from durability and timeless elegance to easy maintenance and comfort. With its versatility and lasting appeal, investing in leather pieces can elevate the aesthetic and functionality of any space. 

Contact us to explore our top picks available in Calgary and transform your home into a luxurious haven of comfort and sophistication.


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