June 25, 2020 Brand Spotlight, Furniture

Furniture Manufacturer Brand Spotlight: McCreary Modern

Furniture Manufacturer Brand Spotlight: McCreary Modern

Home Evolution is proud to work with many family-owned and operated furniture manufacturers. In the coming months, we'll be featuring some of our top manufacturing partners so that our customers can get an insider glimpse of the people behind the incredible furniture we all love.

McCreary Modern

McCreary Modern is an original equipment manufacturer of private label upholstery, occasional, dining and bedroom. They are a vertically integrated ESOP and family owned, Made in America manufacturing company, utilizing locally sourced materials. They focus on supporting area suppliers and machinery manufacturers, creating jobs and reducing the carbon footprint of the company. McCreary Modern has grown organically and now employs over 900 employee-owners in six factories, all located in North Carolina, totaling over one million square feet.

Company Culture

McCreary Furniture Calgary

Their culture embraces continuous improvement and has embraced Change Management often referred to as “The Handwriting on the Wall" methodology of change for over 20 years. They incorporate numerous visual management techniques from dying their assembly glues to color coded production tickets. McCreary Modern was an early adopter of RFID technology, tracking their materials and products from raw materials through packaging and shipping of their made to order products. One of the newest innovations allows production and specification data can be sourced remotely by an iPhone.


OEM Furniture Plant

McCreary Modern was instrumental in the creation and support of the Caldwell Community College Furniture Institute and the family has donated countless dollars to local charities, hospitals and universities.


McCreary Furniture Plant

McCreary Modern has always approached sustainability as a core value of our company.
A strong social conscience along with reasonable business stewardship, has always predicated our decision-making process. Long before sustainability was used as a marketing tactic, McCreary Modern understood the multiple benefits of valuing social and natural capital for both moral and economic reasons.
Our business culture embraces the concept of sustainable development. We conduct our factories, procurement of materials and processes to this end:

McCreary Team

McCreary Modern leads the industry in the area of proper stewardship of the environment as well as being keenly aware of our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. Making decisions that positively affect our business and the ecology have always been a “way of life” at McCreary Modern.


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