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Modern Bedroom Furniture Trends – Create Your Perfect Nighttime Sanctuary

Modern Bedroom Furniture Trends – Create Your Perfect Nighttime Sanctuary

Most people don’t realize how much time they spend in their bedroom, and some say that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Not only is it where you rest, relax and rejuvenate but it can also be your own personal sanctuary.

Here are some of the hottest trends in bedroom furniture style and design that we are loving as we head into 2020.

Bedroom Styles

Today’s trending styles have something to suit everyone from understated elegance to dark and mysterious decor!

Minimalist Design

Gone are the days of filling every nook and cranny in a room. Instead, minimalist design has exploded in popularity as people seek to declutter their lives. The larger the room, the easier it is to achieve a minimalist design, but even smaller rooms can pull off the understated look.

So what exactly do you need to do to achieve the minimalist bedroom look, aside from a personal session with Marie Kondo? Here are a few tips:

If done properly, a minimalist bedroom won’t be cold and empty, as is sometimes feared, but instead warm and inviting.

Modern Beds Calgary

In this picture: Secret Bed 


Rustic Style with Natural Materials

Embrace a rustic bedroom style by choosing natural materials and textured elements—metal, raw wood, concrete, and anything weathered—to create a soft, earthy bedroom atmosphere. Natural materials in furniture, flooring and walls can make even the smallest room feel light and airy. Neutral colours, with accents in darker colours including black can also have a stunning effect.


Sleek Bedroom Styles

In this picture: Dado Dice King Sized Bed and Nightstand 


Bedroom Colour Trends

When it comes to bedrooms, the colour and paint palette can entirely transform the room, setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Here’s top bedroom colour trends for 2020:

Whites & Neutrals - Calm and Serene

Whites and neutrals have been one of the favourite bedroom colour choices for years and isn’t going away, and for good reason. Crisp whites and warm neutrals are calming and relaxing, and can bring a spa-like quality to your bedroom. Using light colours as your base colour, accents can be added through bedding and bedroom furniture.

Etna King Bed Calgary

In this picture: Etna Bed and Nightstand

A Splash of Colour

Some people prefer to opt for a more colourful bedroom. Even a bright and beautiful bedroom can evoke feelings of calm and relaxation with pops of yellow, orange or red adding life to the room. The options for adding splashes of colour are almost endless, from duvet covers, to cushions, to art work and accessories!

Enzo Bed Calgary

In this picture: Enzo bed 

Elegant Pastels

If bright pops of colour are not really your style, you can opt instead for soothing pastels. Subdued and stylish, pastels can add an elegant touch to any bedroom. Pastel colours are often considered feminine, however, with the right shade and the right bedroom furniture, there's no reason why pastels can’t be unisex.

Popular pastels today are soft blue, dusky pink, lavender and peach. For the ultimate in colourful calm, combine soft colours with modern bedroom furniture to give your space a contemporary twist.

Dream Bed Calgary

In this picture: The Dream Bed

Dark and Mysterious

Make sure your entryway is well lit. Warm lighting will welcome guests from the cold on a winter evening. A large light fixture or lamp can make the space feel bigger. Consider a bold pendant or modern chandelier to make a memorable first impression, or go for a sleek table lamp to brighten the space.

Matera King Bed

In this picture: Matera King Bed, Nightstands and Dresser

Modern Minimalism meets Subtle Luxury

Bedrooms today don’t need to take on one style or another in isolation. Combining the principles of minimalism, and incorporating classic elegance and luxury will create a beautiful, contemporary bedroom.

Mont Blanc High Gloss Bed
In this picture: Mont Blanc Bed, Nightstands and White Dresser

Bringing the Outside Inside

The headboard wall of a bedroom is ideal for an accent wall, and one of the top trends we are seeing is the ‘exterior wall’ look. Concrete, whitewashed exposed brick, and barnwood are all very popular bedroom trends. It’s also an easy look to achieve with wallpaper, if you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade to your bedroom. Wallpaper is a designer favourite, with the right wallpaper giving an extra feeling of cosiness and depth inside your room.

Lea Modern Bed

In this picture: Lea Bed  and Alexia Double Dresser

Bedroom Furniture Trends

The furniture you choose for your bedroom should complement the design theme and colour palette chosen. Here are a couple of the top trends we are seeing in modern bedroom furniture:

Upholstered Headboards

Many of today’s modern beds make a style statement with an oversized or unusual headboard. Some oversized headboards stretch the width of an entire wall, whereas others are floor to ceiling. Soft upholstered headboards in unique designs are popping up everywhere, and will turn the bed into a place where you can comfortably sit and read a book or watch your favourite movies.

Upholstered headboard

Stylish Nightstands

Get creative with your nightstands and bedside tables and show-off your personality. Trends in bedside tables include interesting shapes, bold colours, and unconventional uses! We particularly love the Mont Blanc nightstand that also incorporates the popular high gloss finish.

White Modern Nightstand

In this picture: Mont Blanc high gloss white nightstand

Think outside the box when it comes to nightstands. For example, a living room side table works wonders as a bedside table!

Funky Nightstand

The Constantin End Table would also work as a unique nightstand or next to a bedroom chair. 

Sophisticated Storage

No matter how small or large your room, you can add creative bedroom storage just about anywhere. Trending now are furniture items that do double-duty. Accent chests and dressers are excellent at hiding away clutter, especially if you’re going for the minimalist bedroom style.

Bedroom Storage

In this picture: Brennon Accent Chest

Modern Bedroom Chest

In this picture: Harlequin Accent Chest

Vanity Tables

Vanity tables are back in style! A bedroom vanity table is a luxurious and functional feature of a bedroom, providing a dedicated space to apply makeup and get ready for the day, or a night on the town. Once again, think outside the box if a vanity won’t work in your space. A dresser with a mirror might be equally as functional for your bedroom.

Vanity Table Calgary

Bedroom Chairs

If you have the room, an accent chair in the bedroom can prove incredibly functional, as well as esthetically pleasing. In an era when people are using their bedrooms as a space to relax, a bedroom chair provides an extra space to read and unwind. We love the trend of adding a bedroom chair in a vibrant colour.

Bedroom Accent Chair

In this picture: Round Martini Table 

High-gloss Dressers

Bring some shine into your bedroom with a high gloss dresser. The lacquered finish of high gloss dresser lends a modern feel to the room, and provides additional storage solutions. Complement the glossy surface by incorporating other shiny elements in the room such as mirrors or metallic wall decals.

KOTO High Gloss Dresser

In this picture: Mont Blanc White Dresser in KOTO high gloss finish


Don’t forget the impact that artwork will have on your bedroom. Large-scale wall art is definitely trending. Look for colours and abstract patterns that tie into the theme of your bedroom, and complement existing bedroom furniture. These oversized pieces work well above the bed or a dresser.

Bedroom Artwork

In this picture: Joel Bed

Statement Lighting

As we head into 2020, lighting will trend more toward the unexpected, such as above-bed chandeliers. We will also see wall sconces take the place of bedside lamps.

Matera Bed Light

In this picture: Matera Bed

2020 is going to see bedroom design trends that suit everyone’s style, from bright and colourful palettes to rich, moody hues, from light and airy bedroom furniture to natural, organic items.

It can be overwhelming trying to create a bedroom that is ‘on-trend’, so instead, focus on creating a room that is comfortable and relaxing first—however that looks for you personally—and then incorporate a few of the design trends into the room, if it works. Your bedroom is a place of serenity, the place where you start and finish your day.

Visit us at Home Evolution to start creating the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams.

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