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Creating a Cozy Reading Nook – Six Furniture Essentials

Creating a Cozy Reading Nook – Six Furniture Essentials

The very thought of a reading nook conjures images of relaxation, from getting lost in a good book or sitting with your favourite drink, a reading nook brings comfort and functionality to small spaces.

So go ahead, grab a drink and a soft blanket, and cozy up with these reading nook design essentials, tips and inspirations.

Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Creating your cozy reading nook should be a fun and thoughtful process, pick your favourite elements and bring them together for the perfect space.

When you’re starting to design your reading nook, keep these essential tips in mind:

1. Pick a Cozy Reading Nook Chair

Your reading nook chair is the star of the space. Well, at least apart from your books! Your chair should be fun and functional. For example, are you planning on using a laptop or desktop computer in this space? If so, then a bean bag chair that’s low to the ground and doesn’t provide a lot of back support may not be the best choice. Do you shift around when reading? A wider chair that allows you to curl your legs might be the best choice.

You’ll also need to consider how much space you have in your nook. But whether you have a small corner of a room or an entire room to work with, there are tons of options out there for the perfect reading nook chair.

2. Light it Up

Your eyes will thank you for the good lighting, especially if you’re using a laptop or other electronic device in your reading nook. Adjustable lamps are a good bet, as you can raise or lower them to suit what you’re doing. No plug-in? No problem — there are battery-powered options that clip onto a shelf or sit on an end table.

3. Shelves, Tables, and Storage

Sure, you can stack your books in a tall, precarious tower, but you might not want a landslide of texts smacking you in the head — especially if they’re heavy.

Shelves fit nicely against the wall or in a corner and give you an excuse to organize your books alphabetically or by colour (believe it, it’s an aesthetic).

Don’t forget end tables (which come in all shapes and sizes, even triangular to fit in corners) or other storage options, like wall hooks for your sweater or guitar, or fabric storage bins to store your board games or craft projects.

4. Blankets and Pillows

You’ll want to make your reading nook as comfortable as possible, after all, it’s a space for relaxation and creativity. And you can’t have a comfy space without pillows and blankets. Choose complementary colour options, such as a bright yellow pillow paired with a grey chair.

Reading Nook Chair Types and Inspiration

As we mentioned, the reading nook chair is the most important part of your cozy reading nook space. Likely, your reading nook chair will be the first piece of furniture you choose to go into your reading nook.

The wide variety of reading nook chairs ensures that you can find the right chair for your space, no matter the size.

Designing your Reading Nook Space: Three Reading Nook Chair Inspirations

Curling up with a good book in your new reading spot doesn’t seem as comfy without a cozy reading nook chair. You’ll likely be designing your space around the chair, so chances are you’ll spend a good amount of time picking out the perfect one.

Here are our top inspirations for reading nook chairs to help in your search:

Love sitting with your legs up on the chair while you’re engrossed in your favourite book? This extra-wide chair is a great compromise when you can’t decide between a chair or sofa.

This chair doesn’t just look comfortable. You can sink into it while enjoying the latest Malcolm Gladwell book. Pair it with a dark side table to add contrasting to the space.

This isn’t your average lay-z-boy. This stylish recliner has a simple yet sophisticated design to glam any space.

Here’s a list of the different types of reading nook chairs and their features:

Reading Nook Chair Type Features
Chaise Lounge A chaise lounge is a chair that has a seat long enough for leg support, and is designed to be comfortable to stretch out upon. It’s a great option if you want to nap in your reading nook.
Rocking Chair A rocking chair gives nice movement to the space, but make sure you have enough space in your nook to rock back and forth.
Office Chair An office chair is the obvious choice if you’re going to be working at a desk, as they often have adjustable heights and other settings for comfort and ergonomics.
Recliner Who says this popular living room chair can’t be in your reading nook? Reclining gives you options to personalize your seating experience.
Couch or Sofa If you have the space, a coach or sofa will allow room for two (or maybe even three) or you can curl up in the corner or stretch out for a nap.

Whatever chair you choose, the most important thing to remember is comfort and size, so it will easily fit in your reading nook.

Three Considerations When Choosing a Reading Nook Chair

1. Size

Imagine buying the perfect reading nook chair, only to go to set it up and find that it’s much too big for your reading space. To avoid this, be sure to measure the space beforehand.

If you’re fitting the chair in a corner or between two walls, you’ll want to make sure you give the chair a couple of centimeters or inches so you can pull it out or push it in as needed. Check width measurements and mark them on a measuring tape (so you can bring it with you to a store) or write them down for easy reference.

2. Price

Budget is another important factor. Chairs are available in a wide range of prices, make sure you’re balancing quality with price when choosing a reading nook chair; after all, you want something that will last for years and withstand wear and tear.

3. Fabric

Have a cat or dog? As pet owners know, some furniture seems to attract fur. Sure, you want your chair to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to lint roll pet hair off of it every time you use it. For pet owners, pleather or vinyl is a great option. For added comfort, use a throw blanket.

Other Reading Nook Furniture Essentials

Your furniture options for your reading nook aren’t just limited to seating. If you have the space, you can fit great pieces like side tables, shelving, and even desks.

Now that we’ve covered seating, it’s time to dive into other furniture options for your reading nook.

Reading Nook Bench

A reading nook bench like this Milestone Bench from Durham provides both seating and storage while at the same time being trendy and space saving.

Reading nook bench

Reading Nook Side Table

From book storage to having somewhere to place your drink, a side table is a great addition to any reading nook. This Silhouette Side Table from Bernhardt is not only sophisticated and clean, but it has two surfaces — one for storage and one for papers, drinks or even a lamp.

Side table for reading nooks


The Harvey Ellis Console Desk from Stickley furniture is giving us 19th century vibes, perfect for reading those period romantic novels or getting some work done. Pair it with a simple chair for the perfect look.

Reading nook desk

Closet Reading Nook Inspiration

Not all of us have a separate room to dedicate to a reading or creative space, and that’s ok. Reading nooks come in all shapes and sizes, and the cozier ones tend to be smaller and more compact.

Whether your closet is big or small, here are some examples to inspire you to create your own closet reading nook.

The Little Nook Under the Stairs

Your under-the-stairs storage area is a great place to turn into a reading nook. Some wallpaper to create a quick accent wall, a nice bench, and shelving can transform a once hidden space into somewhere you’ll want to show off.

Reading nook under stairs


From Hall Closet to Reading Nook

Your standard bedroom or hall closet can be turned into a beautiful reading nook with just a few additions. First, remove the closet doors to open up the space, then add a bench and some pillows and blankets for comfort. Chances are there’s a light fixture in the closet already as well.

Hall closet reading nook


Productive Space

The pandemic has caused a major shift with more people working from home than ever before. Whether you’re working or studying, a closet can easily be turned into a cozy yet functional space for the whole family.

Productive space nook


Bedroom Reading Nook Ideas

Your bedroom closet or a specific corner of your bedroom can be turned into a functional reading nook with just a little DIY and a few key furniture pieces. Your bedroom is often a sanctuary, and a reading nook adds to that experience.

Here are some ideas for creating a reading nook in your bedroom.

A Comfy Chair and End Table

When you can’t convert a whole closet or side of the room to a reading nook, a chair and side table is all you need. Stack your books in a pile beside the chair and use your end table to hold your drink, and escape into your favourite book.

Reading nook chair


Turn a Corner into a Reading Nook

If you have slanted ceilings, this reading nook concept is perfect for you. Add a wall bookshelf and an adjustable light alongside a comfy chair.

Corner nook


The Entire Nook is a Comfy Chair

Picture this: an oversized chair and some wall shelves to create the perfect bedroom reading nook. You don’t have to have a loft space like in the picture below to take advantage of this great reading nook idea.

Big reading nook chairs


More Reading Nook Ideas for Adults

Here’s some ideas for more adult-centric reading nook spaces that work with any type of room.

Match the Room’s Theme

From colours to furniture styles, it’s easy to match your reading nook to the rest of the room. In the space shown here, the designer used complementary colours and decor to bring the reading nook to life.

Pink reading chair


Turn Small Spaces into Functional Spaces

Unusual spaces in apartments and homes might seem like a waste of space, but it could be the perfect location for a relaxing reading nook. In the picture below, an unusual space near a window was turned into the perfect place to curl up with a book.

Small space reading nook


Use the Entire Wall

It’s common for reading nooks to be in small spaces, but you can always prioritize your space to be like a mini library mixed in with a reading nook, like the picture below. Perfect for book lovers of all ages.

Bookshelf nook



Taking the time for relaxation and self-care are things that we all need to remember in today’s world. Adding a reading nook to your home is a great way to remind yourself to prioritize resting and relaxation.

Sometimes the simplest spaces in our homes become our favourite places and a reading nook is just that place.


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