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What’s Your Living Room Vibe?

What’s Your Living Room Vibe?

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” So choose furniture that makes you feel good – and look good.

A new sofa can transform your Calgary living room changing the look and ambience of the room. When choosing a sofa, consider what kind of atmosphere you want.

Do you want the room to feel bright and casual with a relaxed vibe? Or do you prefer a more refined and formal environment? The vibrant and lux look might be the right style for you?

Picking the Vibe

Contemporary Sofa in Calgary

There are several factors that contribute to the vibe of a room: the layout, the furniture, the accents and the colours, and of course, the personal touches that make a room unique. Here are some of our favourite vibes:

Light & Joyful

If you like to surround yourself with bold colours in a relaxed but chic setting, then you need to choose an inviting and comfortable sofa. When shopping for a modern sofa in Calgary, popular choices include Scandinavian or armless sofas. If you’re looking for a contemporary option to complement a vibrant living room colour palette, the Jenna sofa at Home Evolution may be what you need.

Calgary Sofa Sale

Trendy, International, Bohemian

Homes with this vibe are beautifully styled and warmly inviting. The enticing Dream Modular Sectional sofa shows beautifully in rich colours of terracotta and cinnamon, and even the most formal of guests will be enticed to kick off their shoes and relax in this room. This sensational sectional brings a sense of Arabian nights and comfort.

Sectional Couch Calgary

Simple Sophistication

If you prefer a room that is simply sophisticated, take a look at the Grazio sofa. The European design enhances a modern, minimalist décor without compromising comfort. A simple leather sofa is another popular choice for simple but sleek décor and a calm atmosphere.

Calgary Sofa

Colour Schemes

When you’re sofa shopping in Calgary, decide your preferred colour scheme. According to top designers, some of the most popular colour palettes for 2019 include:

Nuances of Nature

This palette of woodland shades include earthy colors: warm browns and greys, mushroom creams and muted moss green accents. This colour combination evokes a sense of calm and that simple sophisticated vibe.

Colourful Corals

At the other end of the colour palette spectrum are energizing corals and hues of pink and orange. This colour palette is vibrant, uplifting, and cheerful. If these colours are a little too vibrant, use them sparingly as accents that integrate with soft pastels.

Moody Hues of Blue

Darker colours can add character to a room. Shades of blue can be cool, but colour palettes with deep warm blues with purple tones add warmth. Complement the darker colours with light pale powder blues to add a sense of French elegance to the room. This helps bring some European flair to a room.

Popular Sofa Styles

Calgary Sectional Sofa Sale

Chesterfield, Tuxedo, Camelback, Mid-Century, Sectional, Roll-arms or no arms, Lawson or Loveseat? There are many different styles of sofa to help you create the style of room you want.

For a traditional vibe, consider a chesterfield. This classic sofa creates a distinguished quality and adds timeless value to your room. The Camelback and Lawson are also traditional designs that are softer in style than the Chesterfield.

For a modern style, take a look at the wide range of Mid-Century sofas available at Home Evolution. These are available in a variety of colours and materials. The rectangular shape, clean lines and simple style makes this a versatile furniture piece that can be adapted from simple and sophisticated to comfy and cozy with the addition of a few cushions and throws. The Mid-Century sofa can be designed with arms or without, the choice is yours.

Home Evolution in Calgary offers a wide range of sofas to choose from. Our experienced design staff are always ready to help you invest in the right quality, comfort, and style perfect for your home.

Choosing the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Living Room

Choosing the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Living Room

Check out our guide to help create the perfect colour palette for your space to enhance the energy and flow.

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